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Cellucci's Martial Arts & Fitness | West Warwick, RI Krav Maga & Fitness Kickboxing
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Fitness Kickboxing at Cellucci’s Martial Arts in Warwick, RI

Come along to our fitness kickboxing classes and burn calories while having fun! Train for competitions and develop your confidence, balance and abs of steel!

Kickboxing is a martial art that, as the name rather implies, focusses heavily on kicks. It has become very popular thanks to its appearance in the Olympics and in films and TV (notably the film Kickboxer). Kickboxing has the particular benefit of being both a form of self-defence and a competitive sport – and at the same time, it also just so happens to be an excellent way to stay in shape! It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to hone their body and mind while also learning to defend themselves.

Why You Should Come Join Us!

And whoever you are, we believe you will love training with us during our classes! We offer a safe and friendly environment for people to learn and have fun but we also take our training seriously and have helped many!

Our classes place a fair amount of emphasis on fitness as the name implies and you’ll quickly find that there’s no workout quite like a Kickboxing workout. By the time you’ve delivered several hundred kicks and punches, you’ll have burned some serious calories!

Learning kickboxing is a fantastic way to develop yourself as a person. Like other martial arts, it teaches great discipline, excellent self-control and a lot of self-confidence. Having the knowledge that you can take care of yourself physically if you should ever need to is an excellent feeling and so too is developing that stronger connection between your body and mind.

So if you’d like to get in shape with a bunch of like-minded people and learn how to defend yourself in the process, why not come and say hi?

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